Video Production Support

TTo start your website design project with Thiercaé, begin by clicking on the Creativity Store menu tab, or on the graphic design menu tab. video support how to
1- All of the services highlighted in red on the Creativity Store page are video production services.
2- You can access Video Production only services by clicking on the Videos menu tab.
For a smooth project with Thiercaé, be sure to have all of your content ready to insert and upload on the order page. You will be able to upload footage, images, and documents if needed.
Video editing projects turn around time generally ranges from 7 (seven) business days to 3 (three) business weeks, starting from the business day following that of the payment. Any order placed before 12:noon will guarantee a day faster turn around.
1- Logo animation projects have the fastest turnaround time, between 5 (five) to 7 (seven) business days.
2- Clip editing project (with provided footage) will typically take between 1 (one) to 3 (three) business weeks. To speed up the turnaround time, it is highly recommended that all the files and content be sent to our team via the order page, or to our email timely.
3- Animation projects (words and effects based) usually will be completed faster than video editing projects. The typical turn around time is 1 (one) to 2 (two) business weeks.
At the end of the project, we can send you your video creation in your top two preferred file formats. We support and send out all commercially accepted and useful file formats.
Each project is entitled to two major tweaks and retouches. This includes rearranging pieces of the video, swapping and changing the timing of scenes. It also includes color adjustments to the video, as far as the quality of the footage provided allows it. Any tweak or update request following the free assistance will be feed.
Tweaks for this type of project generally vary between $49.99 and $199; with the starting fee pertaining to minor rearrangements, timing changes, and or scenes swaps or transitions.
The more time or resources spent on a tweak, update or change, the higher the fee will be.

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