Business Branding Support

To start your website design project with Thiercaé, begin by clicking on the Creativity Store menu tab, or on the graphic design menu tab. w-s-img-1
1- All of the services highlighted in blue on the Creativity Store page are Business Branding services.
2- You can access Business Branding only services by clicking on the Business Branding menu tab.
In order for your project with project to go smoothly, and at a fast pace, we require and strongly encourage that the information sent to us be unchanging and final. Should the information be uncertain, there may be a charge for changing the information on the design, as any slight change in information may result in the total rearrangement of the content of the design as a whole, which may push the turn around time by a day or two.
Graphic design items have a turn around time of 2 (two) to 4 (four) business days, starting from the business day following that of the payment. Any order placed before 12:noon will guarantee a day faster turn around.
In the event that the design is sent by our team to your email, and that the receipt is confirmed, a change requested by you will be effected within no more than 1 (one) to 2 (two) business days.
Printing your design with Thiercaé is very simple, and is an option made available to you from the order page. Certain designs are printable, while others are not, for reason of the context selected, the size, or if it is meant only for online sharing and emailing.
Each branding project item is entitled to free tweaks on the design sent, once it’s approved by you to elaborated on. Once the final tweak is approved and deemed good to go by you, the project will be considered completed. We work with you to make sure that you are a satisfied customer be the end of your project with us. Should a total change of the design be requested, this will be done for free the first time. Any subsequent design change request will be feed.
Branding design fees are applied when the amount of design tweaks or changes exceeds the allowed numbers. A typical design tweak fee is $14.99. A redesign fee is $29.99

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