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Robust Web Presence.

Ask Our Happy Clients.

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Let us create you a robust, search-engine-optimized website with all round online efficiency in mind.
Your modern, dynamic website will be both sophisticated and easy to navigate, quickly found on search engines, and will boost your customer traffic.

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Bold Graphic Design Concepts.

Beauty Meets Communication.


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We design your items to attract and engage your audience.
We give you graphic design that beautifully communicates your information to your intended audience in a way that will win their hearts.
Our designs are bold, bright, vibrant, and unrestrainably communicative.

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Beautiful Video Graphics.

Sightly Scenes… Because Seeing Is Believing.



Garnish your video with beautiful visuals and catchy effects to tickle your audience’s fancy. From commercial videos and logo animations to music videos, we can create any type of video you may ever need.

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Outstanding Branding.

Your Clients Will Share Your Vision… And Patronize you.


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Our Innovative Branding Concepts will give you a competitive edge over your rivals, and irresistible attention from potential clients.
You will find that your newly branded or rebranded business generates you more leads just by its dynamic looks.

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Why You Will Like Us:

Luxse Ky - CEO, Cyberion Stores USA
I've interviewed and have relied multiple graphics designers for my company. The areas I need help on are specific and detail oriented. In the design industry it's rare that you'll run into graphics designers with good talent and pleasant manners. Thiercaé is a great source of graphics for me, they're a catch and accommodating.
Martin O
I knew Thiercaé through BCF. They designed a lot of fliers for BCF, then they designed a logo for me for my company, Creative Hands: Video Photography Production. I always recommend this company. their designs are amazing!
Michael I - Shoot For The Stars Photography - Logo design
I've known Trevor for 4+ years, and I've always found his work to be exceptional, so when I finally needed someone to help me design a logo for my company, Thiercaé was the very first company to come to mind. I chose Trevor not because he's a friend, but because his skill and expertise at what he does is undeniable. When he created my logo, he went above and beyond the call of duty and gave me far more than what I paid for and always made sure I was happy and satisfied with what he created for me. An excellent product, good customer service & fair prices are hard to come by these days but Thiercaé has it all!
Joy McDougal - Hotty McDougal Brand Logo
I was refereed to Thiercaé through a family member that had nothing but good things to say about her experience. From the initial meeting, they were extremely professional and very attentive to the description of what I wanted my business logo to resemble. Very shortly after, I receive a draft of my logo! After a little back and forth, my graphic design was finished and I was very pleased. I will definitely be back for my website!
Ebenezer O - Obazzie Classics Website Design / Business Branding
testimonial 7
Thiercaé was found through a project they conducted for an organization which I'm affiliated with. I was highly intrigued by such sheer sharpness and uniqueness of their designs. I knew that I had to contact them for future projects for my personal brand. Working with Thiercaé on my personal brand has been nothing short of professionalism and their very best results around. I will certainly recommend their services to my peers.
Mike Calloway - Premere Auto Detail, Business Branding
The team at Thiercaé is unbelievable. I used then once and was blown away. Every since then they have done the marketing for all of our ventures. I am an investor and marketing professional and can tell you that Thiercaé's quality is unmatched. If you care about your brand's image then it would be wise to invest in having Thiercaé perform the work for you!
Micaiah G - Album Cover
Thank you Thiercae [Living . Creativity]. You guys worked very very very hard these past few days, and I do not take it for granted. Even when you should not have worked at all, you guys kept pushing forward to perfection, without relenting. *Sigh*
Janice O - GoBold Jewelry, Website Design
testimonial 5
I cannot thank you guys enough for the wonderful job you did with my website. I absolutely love it. Your creativity is amazing, but more than that is your attitudes. I appreciate how patient you guys were with me, how involved you were, going beyond to ensure that I got more than what I even imagined, how respectful and courteous you were always. You are a fine young bunch and it was truly a pleasure working with you. I look forward to doing business again with you in the future. Many thanks again.
Joe O. - Premier Fitness Training - Business Branding
testimonial 6
I was referred to Thiercaé by my sister. I love the attention to detail and also the quality of the work. I have recommended your services!
Z-Lous N - Event Flyer Designs, Logo Design
Thumps Up! Been working with the team at Thiercaé for some time now on multiple projects, and they have an exceptional graphic design company with a great passion rooted in customer satisfaction. Their work speaks for itself, and the quality ultimately stands out from the rest. For all your branding needs, "Thiercae" is the Place for you! #Bless!
Israel O - Countless Projects!
testimonial 3
So I got to know you guys through my brother that has worked with Thiercaé for a while now. Their graphics are unique -- Thumbs up! They keep giving out unique stuff and do not maintain the same template twice. I definitely will always recommend you guys.
Bukunmi O - Album Cover & Flyer Design
testimonial 4
I was in need of a flyer and a CD cover for my music project, and so after some looking around, I got to know Thiercaé through a friend of mine. I loved the designs they ditched out, as well as the communication with the team! Their designs have a distinct flare to them.